How to price your Oakville, Milton, Burlington home for sale

What makes one property sale go quickly while other homes sit on the market for months?

Well the answer is always the same, the market disagrees with the price.

One of the most challenging aspects of selling your home is determining the appropriate list price. At the correct price, buyers can look past certain defects in your home,size, location, upgrades, lot size etc.

There are few things that you need factor in when determining the list price of your home. Many factors come into play, such as square footage, number of bedrooms / bathrooms, basement development, updates, is it on busy street, just to name a few.

Begin by looking at comparable recent sales of homes in your area in recent months. In today's market it doesn't matter what your area got last year, because the market a little different now. Sales stats should go back about 3-4 months. Sales compare to your home should have the same characteristics, same size, conditions etc. Your REALTOR should make all the necessary adjustment to price your home right.

Today's market is extremely price sensitive. You should also take a look at the homes that did not sell in your area. The only reason they failed to sell was the price. Look at the active listing in your area , asking price, days on the market, etc.

You have to offer a better value than the competing active listings have or what the house that failed to sell had. You can't control the market but you can and should control the condition of your home. If you know your property has some things that might deter buyers, either fix it or your list price should reflect that. Pricing your home right from the start is better than having to reduce the price later. There are cost and frustration incurred when a home remains on the market month after month. Finally when you do arrive at the asking price, expect this price to be a mere starting point for negotiation. When the price and the market comes together the property will sell.

What happen when you list your property too high?

- It will limit potential buyers, because it would be out of their budget.
- You will attract buyers that are looking for more value in that price range.
- Realtors will be less reluctant to show your home , because they know it is over priced.
- Your property will stay on the market long enough it may be perceived as defective in the buyer's eyes.
- Your property will be used as leverage to sell against homes that are better priced.
- Wasted time and energy on both sides.
- To sell it you will have to reduce the asking price.
- In the end, you will probably get less than if it had been priced well at the start.

It's a well known secret for years - Well-kept homes, properly priced in the beginning always get you the fast sale for the best price! No amount of marketing can sell an overpriced home!

P.S. If your home is worth less than you hoped in the current market, guess what? If you're moving into another home, you'll be getting that for a better deal, too. It all evens out!

Now let's talk about marketing your home.

The key to real estate marketing, is to identify the direction that you are going to take in order to maximize exposure to the right demographic of purchasers. Since we are talking about selling one of your most valuable possessions, demand a REALTOR who would market your property and not themselves to the entire world (as opposed to just those who drive by the sign or read the local newspaper and flyers). Here is what you can expect when you list your Oakville, Milton, Burlington home with us.

Online real estate marketing is not the way of the future, it is the way of today. Almost every buyer are at one time or another, found, bought and or sold by online means.
This means placing your home on our selected local high-profile ( ,,, just to name a few ) websites to provide you the absolute best marketing advantage. Even more important than having a website(s) is having a solid web presence and with our own personal network websites our search engine rankings are getting higher and higher. To reach the optimum home buying audience We ensure your listing is also positioned within the search engines for maximum exposure , we also make sure that your home is provided national / international exposure on other high-traffic websites where potential buyers visit.

Giving your listings maximum exposure just makes sense and with our Point2Agent website we could enter our listings into

the largest syndication network in the real estate industry, with new partners being added frequently.

As of April 2009 we will set up Google adwords campaign for every individual property which will be displayed along with the search results on Google, as well as on search and content sites in the growing Google Network.

These online marketing steps above are just a snapshot of some of marketing means our Team will implement for your home.
To learn about our complete home selling plan, please contact us for an appointment.

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